ptx people

Current Faculty

Professor of Geology and Geochemistry

Adjunct Professor and Professor Emeritus (U Chicago)


Current postdocs and visitors

Adam Makhluf
Rosario Esposito

Daniel Weidendorfer

Current Students

Napolean Pempena - PTX - UCLA

Solubility of quartz in H2O-KCl and H2O-NaCl-KCl solutions

Daniel Fineman - PTX - UCLA

My research aims to explain the origin of orbicular, hopper, and graphic textures in granites


ex-PTX Faculty

George Kennedy

Art Montana


ex-PTX Visitors

Matthieu Galvez
Student Visitor, 2014
Now: Postdoctoral Scholar, ETH Z├╝rich
Yuan Li
Student Visitor, 2012
Now: Staff Scientist, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry
Jeremy Wykes
Fulbright Fellow, 2010-2011
Now: Researcher, Australian National University (RSES)
Peter Tropper
Visiting Scientist, 2000-2008
Now: Associate Professor, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Alan Thompson
Sabbatical Visitor, 2008
John Ferry
Sabbatical Visitor, 2001
Eric Essene strong>
Sabbatical Visitor, 2001

ex-PTX Students and Postdocs

Adam Makhluf
PhD 2015
Now: Assistant Researcher, UCLA
Daniel Hummer
Postdoctoral Scholar
Now: Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University
James Eguchi
MS 2014
Now: PhD Candidate, Rice University
Cam Macris - PTX - UCLA
PhD 2012
Now: Assistant Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Jon Hunt - PTX - UCLA
PhD 2011
Now: Senior Associate, Environ International Corp.
Rob Thomas- PTX - UCLA
MS 2011
Now: Field Superintendant, Groundwater & Environmental Services
Codi Lazar - PTX - UCLA
PhD 2010
Now: Assistant Professor, California State University, San Bernardino
Anke Wohlers
Postdoctoral Scholar
Now: Postdoctoral Scholar, Oxford University
Miguel Cruz
MS 2010
Now: PhD Candidate, Stanford University
Clinton Colasanti
MS 2009
Now: Mine Production Geologist
Leslie Hayden
Postdoctoral Scholar 2008
Now: Electron Microscopist, US Geological Survey
PhD 2008
Now: Staff Scientist, Geophysical Laboratory
Angelo Antignano
Now: Geologist, Exxon Mobil
Carrie Menold
PhD 2006
Now: Associate Professor, Albion College

Jorge Vazquez
PhD 2004
Now: Research Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey
Natalie Caciagli
MS 2002
Now: Research Geochemist, Kinross Gold
Heather Lin
PhD 2001